How To Have Your Best Day, Ever

Take advantage of every opportunity… and you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.” ~ Jim Rohn


For as long as you live, “TODAY” will never come again! The world will continue to go on; and other days will come and go, but when “TODAY” is gone… it’s gone forever. Therefore, take time to love, to be a better sister or brother, a better friend, a better parent, or a better person.

Today is your best chance to make a difference in your life. Take time to care, to believe in someone… and to live. When you sense that a friend is going through hard times, find a way to encourage them. You may not be able to change their circumstances, but you can remind them that they are not alone.

Tomorrow will come in due time. For now, though, don’t be afraid to live and take chances. Be open to change! I’m not saying it will always be easy, because with change comes fear. But, don’t look back on the past… wishing you could go back. Instead, use today to set yourself up for a bright future of success. Your future holds much better opportunities than your past ever could. But, it will take work… and it will take having an attitude of excellence.

Map out a plan for your life today. And whichever direction you choose to go; or whatever dream you choose to pursue, trust GOD… and trust the path He wants you to travel along. Everything will work out for you!

Today, release yourself from the authority of doubt and TRUST GOD! Trying new things can sometimes be scary. But, even if you fail at first… it’s not final until you give up. Still, there’s nothing like living with the regret of not trying something, simply because you were afraid… or you doubted yourself.

You will never know what you can do or be until you take the first step forward. Each day is an opportunity. So, don’t mentally paint yourself into a corner (motivated by fear or uncertainty) and feel there is no way out. Don’t feel like you have to stay in any situation because there is no other option. Your life… and the decision-making is under your control! And, if you can find a way to muster up a tiny seed of faith in GOD, you will have all of Heaven on your side to help you walk whatever path that’s necessary to have personal success.

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