GOD Is A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

All of us fear the unknown! We fear tomorrow and what it may bring. But mostly, we fear and fail to completely trust GOD, because we feel somehow, He may not work things out like we want Him to work them out.


Yet, we have to remember that GOD is like a bridge over troubled waters. And, we don’t have to waste time worrying, since He is our connection from where we are right now… to where we desire to go in our future.

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

If you’ve ever had an opportunity to drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the state of Maryland, you understand the courage it takes to make it through such a gut-wrenching ordeal without passing out at the wheel. It can be 10 to 15 minutes of pure horror! As fear sets in; sweaty hands and nervous perspiration are sure to follow, as your heart pounds uncontrollably… to the point where you begin to offer up to God, some of the most sincere prayers you’ve ever sent up! However, it’s not as bad as it may seem. Crossing a bridge can cause you no more harm than traveling on any other normal highway, but it’s the fear of the unknown – as your car continuously climbs the elevation of the bridge – that heightens your stress levels.

Crossing Jordan

The Israelites found themselves in troubled waters when they approached the River Jordan… just like they had when they were at the Red Sea with Moses. This time, just like before, The Promised Land was on the other side… and Joshua and the Israelites needed a similar miracle from GOD… to overcome the last major obstacle that stood in the way of reaching their goal.

But, Joshua kept his cool and remained level-headed in his faith and decision-making. And because of his faith, Joshua listened intently for GOD’s voice for guidance. Before long, GOD spoke… and gave Joshua instructions on what to do. He told Joshua to walk to the edge of the river, and stand still. Joshua listened to GOD… and all of the people eventually walked across the river according to GOD’s instructions. Instead of building a bridge, GOD made another way.

Trust GOD

GOD wants us, similarly, to have the same sort of trust, faith and patience. When we are experiencing troubled waters we often lose patience. Because we live in a society that wants everything now and expects everything to be done yesterday, we have become an impatient people. We should be rejoicing, though, because Jesus lays his life down for us everyday… just like He did for His people – the Israelites – back then. Like a bridge over troubled water… He will continue to lay His life down for us… as long as we have faith and trust in Him.

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