Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Have you ever entered a room; and – at first glance – you see people talking and laughing together and wonder, “How are they so at ease?” Does it feel like a big deal to just “jump into a conversation” or assert your opinion? Do you feel at home or at ease, or do you have trouble relaxing and just being yourself in the company of others?


I won’t pretend I’ve always conquered self-consciousness in all its forms, but I can see my preparedness for dealing with the unfamiliar is miles from where it once was. As a benchmark of how far I’ve come, I often reminisce – with some embarrassment – how my heart use to beat a little faster even at the thought of having to interact with people. Especially when talking to strangers. It’s difficult to comprehend now… what exactly I found intimidating about it, but I know that was a harsh reality for me at one point. But now, I’ve learned to feel right at home wherever I am, or whoever I’m around.

Most people tend to think of home as a specific location — a defined physical space where we feel safe and entitled to be ourselves. But home, like so many other things that profess to be something more concrete, is really just an inner emotion. “Home” is the emotion of belonging we get from very familiar places. When we don’t feel at home, we feel displaced somewhat, like there is some small but unignorable risk to us just being there, and somehow we probably feel a growing urgency to get somewhere more comfortable.

How about you? Have you had that feeling? Do certain things or people make you uncomfortable? How often do you get preoccupied with all the little things that go wrong in your life and what others may think? The truth is… nobody is judging you as harshly as you are… and if they are, maybe they’re someone you shouldn’t hang around anyway.

Being comfortable with yourself is the beginning of strength. You don’t have to project imaginary, or fairy tale thoughts of who you are just to feel like you fit in with others. There’s no need to pretend.

Real beauty… is about being comfortable in your own skin! To be beautiful means to be you. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You just have to accept yourself. How will you ever feel comfortable, if no matter where you are, you always feel like you belong someplace else? Know your value! Let other people see the value you possess. Always realize… you matter!

Dream out loud! Stop limiting yourself according to what seems safe and practical. Practical goals will not inspire enough passion to propel you toward success. Your dreams cannot be fulfilled if you’re skeptical… or if their horizons are limited by the realities of your personal shortcomings. Put what you dream about into action, and move forward with dreaming and doing those things that never were. It’s on you to make it real!

Know your value! Let other people see the value you possess. Always realize… you matter! (Click to Tweet)

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