GOD Is In Control

Life can be a Big Puzzle! But you can take control of your life… by simply giving GOD control! Because, whatever controls the mind… controls the feet!


In other words, whatever controls your mind also controls your life. That’s why GOD desires… even asks – like a Gentleman – to be in charge. He knows that if you put total trust in Him… you give Him – Who has all power – the authority to take you where it’s best for you to go in life. And so, you must keep a godly mindset at all times – leaning and depending on Jesus. “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is…”

GOD is the source of peace! He is the source of our provision. And, if we apply His spiritual principles along with the natural principles we’ve been taught… mixed with FAITH, the result will bring about a positive change. Because trusting GOD, is the key factor in obtaining SUCCESS!

There’s an old Gospel inspirational song that’s simply entitled: “GOD Is”! And the lyrics to the chorus go something like this:

God is the joy and the strength of my life,
Removes all pain, misery and strife,
He promised to keep me, never to leave me,
He’ll never, never fall short of His word.
I’ve got to fast and pray,
Stay in that narrow way,
I’ll keep my life clean every day,
I want to go with Him, when He comes back,
I’ve come so far and I’ll never turn back.

GOD is my All, and….. All!

Beautiful words indeed! True words for sure. That’s how we have to see GOD. That’s how the eyes of faith that we choose to see everything through… must see Him – as High and lifted up. Above all the earth… ready, willing and able to supply all our needs. But only if He is in total control… with our consent.

“Our mind is like a small child that’s left unattended. It accepts and takes for granted whatever it sees or hears, without judgment and without considering the consequences. If we allow it to behave as it likes and give it complete freedom, then, we will lose control of who we really are.”

We have been taught to believe that if we focus our mind on a goal, on our dream, or on other positive things, then we can create the vision that is in our mind. However, most of us do not apply that same knowledge and wisdom to the actions of fully trusting in GOD.

Therefore, if you learn how to control your mind, you can certainly control your life!But only by giving GOD control first.

We serve an incredible and amazing GOD. And we can accomplish incredible and amazing things when we trust Him with all our heart and mind. So, don’t ever sell yourself short by trying to live life on your own. The best way to live… is to live joyfully, with the mindset that, “I can do all things through Christ,” better than I can do on my own! Let GOD be in control… because really, He already is anyway.

“Trusting GOD, is the key factor in obtaining SUCCESS!” (Click to Tweet)

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