Success Is About You

Nothing can stop you from succeeding in life, except you. Every day, life gives you access to an unlimited amount of resources to help you achieve your goals.

Llave en mano

However, it’s the personal responsibility of each individual to bring the right attitude and a measure of faith to the table; and to partner those things with what life offers, so that success can be attained as the finished product.

I’m sure you probably have dreams… we all do. And like me, you might sit and daydream or fantasize – from time to time – about how wonderful it would be to have each one come true. Well, guess what? They can! But the possibilities depend on you – and the actions you take to guide those dreams. Simply stated; life and its success or failure, really depends on how you take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go!

As an entrepreneur and business leader, I’ve learned some key things that will help any business person thrive. For one, I understand the concept of “Your Gift Will Make Room For You” (Proverbs 18:16). But your gift has to be exercised – often. This concept is relative to how you approach everyday life because it has been used for centuries. Some other things you have to do are:

  1. Have a well-defined plan… but plan everything with GOD in mind.
  2. Strive to be an entrepreneur… but partner with other people to succeed.
  3. Outsource the things you don’t do well to strengthen your business.
  4. Be intentional… invest in yourself as much as possible.

If you do those things consistently… you can make it – especially if you’re patient. But be flexible and innovative with your ideas. Never sell yourself short. With adequate faith… you can do anything. You can live life on a higher level than the level where you presently are. Yet, it’s up to you to “Take it to the next level.” So, be determined to ‘Go higher’. If you are a:

  • Nurse… strive to be a doctor
  • Teacher… strive to be a principal.
  • Lawyer… strive to be a judge or to run your own firm.
  • Employee… strive to be a business owner.

… and so on! Whatever you strive to do, be authentic… and be excellent. Be sure, though, that whatever drives you, will bring value to your life and to the lives of others. More than anything… have faith. Believe in GOD and in yourself. Remember, every day that starts out the same… won’t end the same way all the time. You will have ups and downs. But if you trust GOD, you certainly won’t fail.

With adequate faith… you can do anything.(Click to Tweet)

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