Understanding Change

One thing you can depend on in life is this… nothing ever stays the same! Whatever is good and positive… will be tested by negative people and negative things. And, whatever is bad… will somehow get better – sooner or later.


No matter who you are… or who’s with you or not with you… whether you’re already successful or are searching for success with every ounce of your being – you have to be willing to accept positive change. CHANGE WILL COME! And you must be willing to give up some things you hold close to your heart, in order to achieve the greater things GOD has for you. Change sometimes… involves pain. Not just physical, but mostly mental pain. Yet, change can bring you lasting rewards.

We must learn to view change as a natural occurrence – learn how to anticipate it and then know how to plan for it… when it comes. The future is ours to channel in the direction we want to go in… But we must continually ask ourselves, “What will happen if…?” or better yet, “How can we make it happen?”

Really, I’ve never met a person in whom I did not see some useful possibilities. I don’t care how much a person may consider themselves a failure, I believe in them, because I know he can change the things that are wrong in their lives anytime they’re prepared and ready to do it. Whenever they develop the desire, they can take away – from their lives – the very thing that is trying to defeat them. But, the ability for improvement and change lies within.

If GOD has shown you something about your life He wants you to change, simply so He can do something miraculous or give you better things… please don’t fight against it. Have faith; pray… do whatever it takes – but by all means… Do it! Throw your personal agendas, past hurts, bad relationships and bad habits… out the window, and be obedient to GOD’s will. He knows what’s best… and He always has something better.

Life is a faith walk. And our faith is most useful when we don’t understand what GOD is doing, or when we can’t clearly see where life is taking us… yet, we still believe GOD for better. The only constant in all of our lives… and in the world in which we live – is GOD. He only – can never…and will never change.

Life is a faith walk.(Click to Tweet)

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