This week, I want to challenge you to take charge of your life. Be the leader of your own life… and be the change you want to see in yourself… and in the world.


If you want to move your life ahead, you should replace the negatives in your life with positives.  And, it’s good to know how to fluently take the negative influences in your life away and replace them with positives, so you will have increases in morale, and productivity. Focus on the positive for success.

Most of us are not aware of the amount of negative influences in our lives. We are bombarded with negative messages from the media, the people around us, and most damaging of all, ourselves.

The first step to bringing more positivity into your life is to make a decision to start looking for the negative messages and ways to replace them with positives. Decide that you will focus on the positive in this world – no matter what.

Also, try as much as possible to limit your exposure to negative people. Most people don’t realize how draining it is to be around negative people, but they drain your energy and spirit in many ways.  Negative people pull you down, so work to remove them from your life to the extent you can.  Never get involved in the office pity party, or complaint sessions that come your way.   Seek out people that support you and that you feel good being around and use these people to replace the negative people in your life.

OVERALL… the most damaging source of negativity is ourselves. What you put out comes back to you, so make sure it is good that goes out. Most of us generate lots of negative self talk that our minds accept as the truth and results in our being held back in many ways.  We focus on our shortcomings, our problems, and spend our time predicting more bad news for ourselves, generating lots of fear and worry, while undercutting our ability to try new things, etc.  Begin to focus on the positive aspects of you.  What are your unique strengths, what have you accomplished, how are you different and better than other people?  Set aside time every day to think about all the good things you have in your life right now.  The process of thinking of the good things in your life will generate good feelings for you that will last much of the day.

By replacing the negatives in your life, with positives, you will make yourself and probably the world a better place.  You will feel better mentally and physically, plus accomplish many of the things you wanted to.  Nothing is ever accomplished without action, so start now to move your life ahead.

Be the change you want to see in yourself… and in the world.(Click to Tweet)

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