Be Bold About Your Future

No matter what your definition of success is, there are steps you can take to achieve that success. If you are patient, anything is possible!


When you were younger… you cried at first, then, you learned how to crawl. After repeatedly falling down and crying and crawling some more, you learned how to walk. As your legs gained strength and you became more confident with the process… you eventually learned to run. As your legs got stronger, still, you probably picked up the bicycle… you might have fallen many times… got numerous bumps and bruises from running into things, but you learned to ride in spite of the pain. When that wasn’t satisfying or fast enough, you became bolder… and got in the driver’s seat of a car… and learned to hold it in the road. No matter how nervous or afraid you were… you learned to drive a car. From CRAWLING to DRIVING – YOU MADE IT!

LIFE… is the same way! Everything you’ve learned you had to have patience to do it. And now, everything you wish to learn now – going into your future – you will have to have the same, or even greater patience to get to where you want to be. But, be bold about your future!

We are all CHAMPIONS of success! We have to keep the same zeal about life that helped us to overcome obstacles from childhood to adulthood. Though the responsibilities are greater, the rules are the same. We will have countless failures, first, before we reach the success we are looking for.

Each day, we have to set out on a mission to make the most of life and take advantage of every opportunity possible. Our goal should be to avoid as many failures as possible, but keep trying even if we happen to fail now and then. In spite of failures, we must faithfully trust GOD… and keep going!

Don’t give up too easily! Most people don’t experience the life of their dreams simply because they quit way too easily. Not giving up on your dreams also means to be smart, though. You can try all you want… but if you’re taking the wrong set of actions, you’re not going to get very far.

Life is going to find way to test you. At times, you may feel that life is unfair. The urge to quit during these times is the highest… but don’t give in. Remember GOD said,

“Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

And that’s all the help you need in your pursuit to live an abundant and a successful life.

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